Designed by Manuel Pinero,ex International pairs champion with Severiano Ballestros. This course has an array of styled holes; dynamic greens, wide fairways, strategically situated raised bunkers and of course the large lake area, which will delight even the most expert players

The golf course currently consists of only 11 holes due a complication over planning approval with the existing holes being under the planning control of Orihuela and the other 7 holes being under the planning control of Jacarilla and which will not now be finished for approx 18 months.Golfers play opening 9 holes then 10 and 11 as the additional ones with the round being completed by playing 7 of the opening nine holes again.

Hole 1 Par 5, 504 Metres,
This par 5 is a great opening hole to start your round of with and is stroke index 3 on the score card. From a high vantage point you play over a desert area down hill to this wide open fairway. Watch out for the two huge fairway bunker right side of the fairway at about 280 metres from the tee as they can come into play for the longer hitters out there. This fairway has many dips and hollows all the way down to the large lake short of the green.  The fairway follows the lake round to the left side of the green and this is your best line into the green. For your second shot the best line is down the left side of the fairway with a well placed lay up shot. This will give you a short iron onto the putting surface. For the brave golfers out there you can have a go at the green with your second shot but there is danger all around this green and it takes a great shot to stop the ball on this medium sized green. There are two more desert areas on this hole one just short of the lake and one more just short of the green. The lake covers the whole of the front of the green, the right side and all the way round to the back of the green. There is also one well placed bunker cut into the front edge of the green. This hole should be played as a true par 5, taking three good shots to find the putting surface. As with all the greens at Vistabella golf course, they are very demanding on your putting stroke.
Hole 2 Par 3, 170 Metres,
From an elevated tee this hole is a good test for one of your long irons as its all carry to the putting surface. There is a dessert area well short of the green but its easy to play from should you land in it. As with most par three’s club choice is the key, and a well hit shot of course. This green is well guarded by bunkers all round, one large left, one deep front and one deep right. This green is two tiered with many challenging slopes to contend with.
Hole 3 Par 4, 310 Metres,
This is a short par 4 but from the tee it takes a good straight drive to find this narrow fairway. The only trouble from the tee is the large bunker down the right side of the fairway, it comes into play from the tee. There are two more fairway bunkers down the left side of the fairway about 60 metres short of the green. This green is protected by one huge bunker short right and one small bunker short left. This is a two tiered green that slopes from back to front and has many different borrows on it.
Hole 4 Par 4, 316 Metres,
This is a fantastic looking golf hole from an elevated tee. Looking down onto the fairway you will see you have quite a large fairway to play to however look to the right side and you will see one very large water hazard that runs from the start of the fairway up to about 60 metres short of the green. Also on the right side of the fairway just past the water hazard you have one very large bunker to contend with and this can come into play from the tee (A very well hit ball will carry over this bunker). The best line from the tee is down the left hand side avoiding all the trouble. This fairway slopes uphill to the green with many undulations on the fairway so take one extra club to make the putting surface with your second shot. To the front left side of this green you have only one large bunker to carry if coming in from that side of the fairway. This green again can be testing to put on depending on the pin position on the day you play the course.
Hole 5 Par 5, 506 Metres,
Yet another great looking golf hole at Vistabella golf and at stroke index 1 it’s no push over either. This long par 5 should be played in three stages, stage one find the fairway with your drive avoiding the bunker up the left side of this wide fairway. The best line from a platform tee is straight at the bunkers in front of you down the right side. From this point you have two options with your second shot, option one go for the green over a large mound, desert area and carry the front green side bunker (This takes a great strike to find the green), option two play round the horse shoe shaped narrow fairway avoiding the fairway bunkers on both sides. Once in the ideal fairway position you should only have a medium to short iron to the green. This green is quite wide and if the pin is tucked in behind the front green side bunker can make it rather tricky to get close to. Again this is another two tiered green with many different slopes, borrows and run off areas so par at this hole is a great score.
Hole 6 Par 3, 184 Metres,
From a plateau tee you stand above the green, this is a nice looking par 3 and a good solid tee shot should be rewarded with an easy par. Watch out for the two desert areas at this hole one to the left and one to the right, its worth mentioning that you can ground your club if you land in these areas. There is one sandy bunker short right, but there is also a dip just in front of the green so make sure you take plenty of club to reach this green, it can be a deceptive tee shot. The green is large and wide but again can be tricky to make a two put if putting from a distance.
Hole 7 Par 4, 365 Metres,
From an elevated tee you get a good view of this longer par 4 and what lies ahead of you. Its driver from the tee to this wide open fairway, there are two bunkers at driving distance one to the left the other to your right to catch any wayward drives from the tee. At about 100 metres from the front of the green you have a large water hazard to the left, it shouldn’t come into play but its there waiting on any bad shot pulled short and left. The buggy path crosses the fairway just short of this green and can help a bad shot land on the green. The safe line with your second shot being all uphill is to the right side of this green as there are two large bunkers waiting to collect your ball if hit left of the green. Its worth having a look to see where the pin position is on the day you play, as this green is two tiered and if your second shot is not close to the hole you could be looking at another three putt.
Hole 8 Par 4, 278 Metres,
This maybe a short par 4 uphill but its one you need to get of to a good start at. Your tee shot is over the water hazard and onto the fairway, the best line is just right of centre. There is one very large bunker just over the water to the left side of the fairway to catch any stray tee shots. There is one more bunker in the semi rough to your right, a well hit tee shot should carry over this one and leave you with a good line into the pin. Once you walk across the bridge to the fairway you will find it has many dips and hollows which will appear to make your second shot look shorter than it really is ( It’s worth while going up to the green for a quick look). From the centre of the fairway you will have to carry the ball all the way to the putting surface over two bunkers, one about 30 metres short of the green the other covering the left hand side, there is also one more on the right side. This green is long, narrow and three tiered with many interesting slopes (This green slopes from back to front). This is a good birdie chance if played well.
Hole 9 Par 4, 368 Metres,
This longer par 4 to finish the front nine of is stroke index 5 on your score card and a good challenge to make par. This hole plays as a slight dog leg to the right and all uphill to the green, your tee shot here needs to clear quite a large dessert area to find the fairway and you get no run out of the ball. Up the right side of the fairway there are palm trees and to the left there is one bunker that comes into play from the tee. The best line from the tee is just right of centre, this will leave you a medium iron onto the green. At the corner of the dog leg there is one bunker way out to the left and there is also a cluster of  bunkers to the right. As you approach the green you will find one bunker at about 20 metres short left of the green and to the right one about 30 metres short, but there is one more bunker that eats into the green also on the right side. As I said it takes a good strike to get close to the pin with your second shot at this testing hole. The green its self is very tricky and demands all of your concentration as there are many run off areas to the back and left side of the green. There are also many long swinging putts on this one so par is a great score here.
Hole 10 Par 4, 300 Metres,
Standing on the tee you look down onto the fairway and you can also see the green in the distance tucked into the left side of the fairway. The best line from the tee is just right of centre this will open the green up for a short approach shot over the green side bunker to the right. For the longer hitters of the ball you need to watch out for the huge bunker over the mound down the left side of this fairway as it will come into play from the tee. The green is protected by one small bunker to the left front edge and one very large bunker to the right side of the green. If the pin is cut close to the front edge of the green make sure you hit the putting surface as anything short will land on a steep slope and roll back down away from the green. This green is very long and wide with many different borrows and slope to contend with. This is a good birdie chance if played well.
Hole 11 Par 4, 371 Metres,
This tee is quite well set back from the fairway and it takes a good solid hit to carry the ball over the desert area and into a good position. Up the right side there are two large mounds and the best line from the tee is just to the left of them. Watch out for the fairway bunker up the left hand side as a hook from the tee could find this one. The hole plays all uphill to the green and as a slight dog leg right.  Once in a good position from the tee its decision time, have a go at the pin and carry over the large round shaped bunker onto the putting surface or go for the left hand side of this large green and potentially leave a long put to the pin (It’s worth while to go up and have a look to see where the pin position is on the day). This green is in my opinion the most testing green on the course because of the many different levels and slopes to contend with. Par at this one is a very good score.

Facilities: Pro Shop, Driving range, Buggy hire, and Restaurant.

Our rating 5 out of 5.

This 11 hole review was written by Steven Franchi.

Great wee course we have many regulars who play here all the time – still very popular course in 2015.

Location: Orihuela-Jacarilla, Alicante
18 Holes | Par 73 | 6,193 metres
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