This is one of the best designed golf courses by (Dave Thomas and son Paul) in Europe, no less than 92 hectares in total, with wide fairways and every hole has a different challenge.

This golf course is always in good condition a long,tough challenge for golfers of all levels.
Why not take advantage of the lovely clubhouse and partake in some good food and some refreshments after a long day golfing.

 Update review March 2017.

On Wednesday the 8th off March 2017 my 7 friends and I, went for a day’s golf to Hacienda Del Alamo Golf course, the journey was only 45 minutes, and well worth the trip.
Our tee times were booked by Lucy from
We arrived at 09.20am just in time for a coffee and a practice putt on the well manicured putting green which is just in front of the clubhouse next to the 1st tee.
We had an inspirational view with the morning sunlight of the golf course and surrounding mountains from the upstairs sun terrace which was drenched in sunshine.

The team at Hacienda Del Alamo Golf course both in the bar and caddy master are very helpful and friendly towards their customers, which takes away any pressure from the golf organiser as they go out their way to help you
The day we played the golf course it was quiet customer wise and there were no players in front of us so it was like millionaires golf, as we had the course to ourselves.
There are many beautiful water features on this course but there is plenty of room to avoid losing too many golf balls and getting penalty shot added to your score.

The fairways for the time of year were good to play from but the new growth wont start till the end of March, which will make this already great golf course even better to play.
The greens were slightly damp at 10am after the sprinklers had been used but still a very fast pace and very true. Once the sun was higher the greens became even fast and they were a pleasure to putt on.
We also found that a well hit shot would stop and hold on these very good greens, I must add the putting surface at Hacienda Del Alamo is fantastic and to Professional standards and you wont find better quality greens anywhere in my opinion.

My top tip for this lovely long golf course is to use your skills and golf course management to navigate over or around the water features and past the well placed fairway bunkers to achieve a good score.
The greens at first sight look quite flat and huge but you will soon find out that there are many slopes and borrows to contend with which I think makes for a good test of your putting skills and approch shots. Use your buggy and drive up to the green so see where the pin is on the day you play as this will help with your judgment.
If when you and friends are over in the Murcia area I would highly recommend Hacienda Del Alamo Golf course and to book your tee times with Lucy at for a great day out.
Please also look at the full 18 hole course review that Steven wrote for all to read.
Steven Franchi.

The course is built on natural terrain with very gentle slopes and undulations as well as many well placed hazards. The course measures 6,724 metres (7,400 yards), and with tee off times every ten minutes, even on very busy days you can take your time and enjoy this great golf course.

Hole 1 Par 4, 370 metres,

Off the tee there are two bunkers on either side of the fairway and makes this a challenging first tee shot although like many of the holes at Hacienda del Alamo the landing area is generous and players are unlikely to get into any real trouble off the tee. A well placed drive will give you a good view of the green for your second shot which played with a medium to short iron must be carried all the way to the green which is well guarded with bunkers on the front and left side of the green.

Hole 2 Par 4, 376 metres,

This hole is defined and dominated by three large bunkers. The drive must be played to the elevated fairway between the first bunker on the right hand side and the run-off area to the left. The drive rewards both accuracy and length on this occasion and will leave a medium to short iron which must be played across an expansive bunker to the large elevated green.

Hole 3 Par 4, 343 metres,

This is the first of the short par fours and a good birdie chance for all. The drive is played down hill and you must pick your landing spot and miss the various bunkers and different levels and contours on this fairway. This green is a large one, although awkward pin positioning may provide for a more challenging second shot.

Hole 4 Par 5, 530 metres,

A semi blind tee shot played over a slight rise is required although the fairway landing area is quite generous on this hole.

The hole is tree lined on both sides which provides sufficient definition from the tee and the two large bunkers further define the first part of this hole. The second shot for the longer hitters’ demands strategy as it is possible to reach this green in two shots by hitting up the left hand side off the fairway, negotiating several bunkers guarding the opening to the green. The safe option to the right requires you to play a short iron or pitch to the green which can be made more difficult by the deep greenside bunkers to the right.

Hole 5 Par 3, 196 Metres,

This is the first of four Par three’s on the course and obviously the club selection and wind direction will be the key to this hole.

There are deep menacing bunkers close to the green that define the right hand side of this hole. Again you can play safe down the left hand side of this hole where the ball will gather down onto the green.

Hole 6 Par 4, 391 Metres,

This is a dog-leg right to left par 4 around a bunker placed to the left hand side of the fairway in your tee shot landing area. An awkward tee shot as the ball could drift away to the right and it’s important to keep as close to the middle of the fairway as possible. Your second shot is played across a small valley to a green protected by three bunkers to the front and left.This shot requires a medium iron to carry all the way to the putting surface.

Hole 7 Par 4, 372 Metres,

This hole is a straight par 4 and length from the tee is not necessarily rewarded. It requires a well placed tee shot, possibly a long iron or recue club hit between the two fairway bunkers both left and right of the fairway. Your second shot is a medium to short iron and requires accuracy and understanding of the flag position due to the difficult undulations on the green.

Hole 8 Par 3, 198 Metres,

This is the most demanding par 3 on the course visually dominated by the large lake in front of the tee. There are alternative tee positions that provide different lines into the green but ultimately it is the flag position that will determine the outcome of this hole.

The green is guarded with bunkers front and left, although shots may be played to the front left where there is no trouble.

Hole 9 Par 5, 542 Metres,

This is another long par 5, although a slight dog-leg right to left it’s a cracking hole. Your drive must miss the large bunkers both to the left and right of this fairway and be long enough to have a good view of the green. Your strategy for the second shot depends very much on the position of the flag as part of the green is well guarded by the lake on the right hand side. There is a lot of fairway area at this hole which allows play up the left hand side with your second shot and this opens up the green for a good wedge or pitch onto the green.

Now for the back nine this is cheap golf in Spain,

Hole 10 Par 4, 403 Metres,

This is a daunting tee shot played across large lakes. The brave line is to carry the two fairway bunkers on the right side and this will give you the best line into the green. If you choose to hit up the left of this fairway you are left with a medium iron to the green, but watch out for the deep bunkers guarding the green front and left side. This is a cracking opening hole for the back nine.

Hole 11 Par 4, 388 Metres,

This is an other hole with options from the tee. For the brave carry the two bunkers on the right side and the slope will kick your ball back into the middle of the fairway and leave you a short second shot to the pin making life easier. If you choose to drive up the left side of this fairway it must be long enough to get a good view of the green which is elevated and guarded with deep bunkers to the front and left side. This is a difficult second shot in which you must hit the green to have a chance of par.

Hole 12 Par 3, 209 Metres,

This is a very picturesque short hole although a really good long iron or rescue club is required to hit this green. The large landscaped lakes provide the setting from this tee but watch out for the bunkers to the right and left sides of this green. The green is large and softly undulating but a well struck tee shot is likely to provide a good birdie chance.

Hole 13 Par 4, 385 Metres,

This is a short par 4 but large fairway bunkers prevent players from getting to close to the green so you need to place your tee shot at this one. A long iron or rescue club from the tee will leave you short of the bunkers and still a good shot to hit this green. The green is a little hidden from view and there is a large bunker that guards half of the green to the right. The green is a very undulating one that adds to the problems of finding the putting surface. This is a lovely looking hole with a range of mountains providing the background scenery for this one.

Hole 14 Par 5, 507 Metres,

This one is a long left to right par 5 which a good drive must carry the two large bunkers to the right of this fairway. This green is designed like an island elevated above the fairway and takes two very good shots to hit this one. With a medium drive its best to hit a long iron or rescue club just short of the road bunkers in front of this green. Your third shot should only be a good struck wedge to carry onto the putting surface missing the large bunkers front and right of the green. This hole should provide another good birdie opportunity.

Hole 15 Par 3, 199 Metres,

This short par 3 plays slightly uphill. The large bunker to the right of the green dominates this side and the green has a steep slope and sides to make it appear rather menacing from the tee. The green itself is relatively gentle with soft contours. The safe area is to the left where there are good opportunities for getting up and down for par.

Hole 16 Par 4, 381 Metres,

This is a testing tee shot as you must negotiate probably the narrowest fairway on the course. This hole is aggressively undulating with bunkers on both sides of the landing area and the green is surrounded with bunkers also. Your second shot requires a long carry over these deep green side bunkers once on this green it’s quite flat and rewards good putting stroke.

Hole 17 Par 4, 401 Metres,

Yet another difficult tee shot in which it is necessary for a long carry to hit this elevated fairway landing area. Four bunkers divide the hole and provide the option for good directional play from the tee. Your second shot again is all carry to the green across greenside bunkers. A long hole when the wind is coming from the north and a very tough par 4.

Hole 18 Par 5, 533 Metres,

This finishing par 5 plays very long and is quite a dramatic uphill to the club house. You need a good drive down the left hand side and you must avoid the bunkers to the right side which sets up your second shot with a long iron or fairway wood. This hole from the middle, left of the fairway is a picturesque hole that is enhanced with dramatic cascades and lakes to the left side. A good second shot will leave you a short pitch to a relatively long but easy green. It is important to miss the deep fairway bunker to the right hand side, some 90 metres short of the green. This is a great finishing hole and one that will reward good play.


Facilities Include,

Fantastic new 5 star clubhouse, Snooker room, Sun terrace, Restaurants, Spikes bar, Pro shop and boutique, Golf Academy, Elegant changing rooms , Practice range with 36 bays, Two practice greens with bunkers and state of the art Swing Analysis on request, Bowling green, Tennis court, Rugby and football pitch. 6 hole practice course of 1252 metres and golf pro shop, provide excellent facilities. The Golf Academy uses new technology such as ‘swing analysis’ and video cameras.


This course is fantastic to play and a real challenge for any golfer to play.

Our rating 5 out of 5.

This 18 hole review was written by Steven Franchi.

Location: Murica,Spain
18 Holes | Par 72 | 6724 metres
Course Designer: Dave Thomas

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