The La Finca golf club lies in natural surroundings of great beauty and with fantastic views.
La Finca often hosts top tournaments and is a firm favourite of many golfers who come to this area. It has a great variety of superb greens of all shapes and sizes to test any golfer. The 7th green for example is the most unusual one I have come across it has a very large square shaped green with a huge bunker protecting the back of it. The course length from the white tees is 6,394 meters and the yellow tees 6,032 meters

La Finca golf course opened its doors in August of 2001 and was designed by Don Jose Gancedo to host top amateur and professional tournaments.It is a course with generous fairways and spectacular greens because of its design and variety of contours.

Among the most interesting aspects of this course are:

•The green on the 7th hole, completely squared and surrounded by a spectacular bunker.

•The 5th and 6th holes, next to a beautiful lake with several waterfalls on their left side. This lake provides these holes not only with a water hazard, but also an added beauty that complements this already gorgeous course.

My top tip for this great golf course if you want to enjoy you day at La Finca is keep out of the rough, it doesn’t look too long but it is deadly to play from. One last point unless you hit the golf ball a long long way play the par five’s as par five’s.

Hole 1 Par 5, 525 Metres,
Once finished your small beer or coffee its only a short walk up to the first tee. From the tee you can see all of this great opening hole and many of the other holes, as the first tee is a good vantage point. All of the fairways on this golf course are seeded with Bermuda grass which make it easy to hit any club in your bag from. The superb greens on this golf course are seeded with Pencros grass and are very receptive, so be bold with any approach shot that faces you.From the tee this fairway lies at an angle and for most mortals its a driver, anywhere on this wide fairway short of the cross ditch water hazard will do. This hole is lined on both sides all the way to the green with many Olive trees and very thick but short rough. All players roughly know how far they can hit the golf ball and its a good idea on this long opening hole to choose a club that will leave you with a nice easy approach shot. This green is quite flat for the first half then slopes steeply downhill towards the back edge so its worth having a look to see where the hole is cut before playing your third shot as there is about three clubs of difference between front and back edge. Three controlled shots will give you a good chance to make birdie or easy par on this opening hole.(Stroke Index 11).

Hole 2 Par 4, 368 Metres,
Its only a short walk passed the duck and ponds to the second tee. This hole is uphill all the way to the green but it takes a well placed tee shot to miss the bunkers both left and right just within driving distance. This fairway is like most on this super golf course, lined with Olive trees, it also slopes from right to left. The only place you don’t want to be from the tee is in the short but very tough rough. The best line of attack with your approach shot is middle right taking the deep green side bunker to the left side of this long green out of play. If you should venture to far to the right there is a grassy bank which will still give you the chance to play a good pitch down to the hole leaving a putt for par. (Stroke Index 15).

Hole 3 Par 3, 168 Metres,
The next tee is located up to the right across the road.

Now for the first of the four par three’s on this course. As always its very important to make your mind up as to what club you are going to play, be positive and confidant as it take a well hit shot to get close to this pin. This green is shallow but very wide and there are three very well placed bunkers spread across the bank just short of the green. To the far right side of this green there is a bank that will kick your ball even further right and leave you with a very tricky pitch up to the green. Its worth taking one more club at this tough hole to take the bunkers out of play. The green its self must be 50 paces wide and only about 15-20 deep. There are two flat plateau areas on this green one left the other right, however there is a deep gully in the middle of the green which will test your putting skills. Par at this short par three is always a welcome score. (Stroke Index 7).

Hole 4 Par 4, 362 Metres,
This in my opinion is a very good golfing hole and its one that you can go for a big drive as the fairway is very wide. Up the right side of the fairway there are large villa’s set back from the buggy path and to the left side its quite wide open with short rough. From about the 150 metre marker its uphill to this large wide green. Out to the front right hand edge of the putting surface there is one large bunker, to the left there is another large bunker just waiting for any shot hit to far left. The bunkers that I have just mentioned are visible from the fairway but beware as there are three pot bunkers well placed through the back of this green. The putting surface slopes from right to left with a ridge that runs through the middle portion of the green. What makes this such a good golfing hole is that your second shot have to be very accurate to get close to the hole, especially if its cut to the top right side of the green. (Stroke Index 9).

Hole 5 Par 5, 535 Metres,
Now for a very long par five that runs downhill all the way to an Island green surrounded by water.

From this tee you have a breathtaking view of the Sierra de Callosa and the full length of this very demanding par five. Out to the far right there is a tall stone wall with large villa’s behind it, this is out of bounds. Both sides of this generous fairway are lined with trees. From the tee all you want to do is hit the fairway so that you can then hit a well placed second shot down to about 130-140 metres short of the green. Even from this distance its a very tricky third shot as the green is below you and you need to get the ball airborne so that it will stop when it lands on the putting surface. Your third shot into this long, wide green needs to be struck well and with confidence, if not splosh ! you are in the water. The best tip I can give you on your approach shot is to aim at the middle of the green and settle for two putts and a nice par 5. (Stroke Index 5).

Hole 6 Par 3, 179 Metres,
This is a tremendous par three surrounded by cascading wate falls flowing from hole five down to the sixth tee. From the tee this hole is quite intimidating as the water runs from tee to green and down past the left hand side of this long narrow green. What also makes this hole a real challenge is the fact that the front part of this green has a narrow entrance because of the water to the left and the rather large bunker guarding the front right side. The perfect shot to this generous two-tiered green is a well struck shot starting at the bunker with a nice draw. Depending on the direction and strength of the wind, this hole can play from a medium iron to a wood or rescue club. One last point don’t go long at this hole as there is out of bounds through the back of this green.(Stroke Index 13).

Hole 7 Par 4, 434 Metres,
Now for a very long dogleg left to right and all uphill. With a more than generous fairway to aim at the best line from the tee is up the right hand side, which will give you the shortest line up to the green. For the big hitters out there the line from the tee is over the trees to your right with a nice draw this will cut about 50 metres of this hole,(Don’t take this line if its into the wind, as you will get stuck in the trees and thick rough). All players will be left with a rather long second shot up to this large impressive square green, (This is a Unique green in Europe).Its well worth going up to this green to see where the pin is cut because there is at least three clubs of difference from front to back edge. Most golfers come up short at this hole as its a much further carry than it looks. One thing to beware of is the spectacular L shaped bunker through the back of this green and out to the right hand side, its deep and there is a set of steps down into it. The green is relatively flat and slopes from back to front and a bad approach shot could leave you will a very long putt. This is yet another memorable hole at La Finca.(Stroke Index 3).

Hole 8 Par 4, 338 Metres,
The 8th tee is a short walk back down across the road to the left of the 7th green.

This hole plays as the shortest par four on this golf course because its downhill. Yes, a good chance of a birdie if you can place a nice tee shot straight down the middle right side of the fairway, this will give you a very good line to the green. This fairway slopes from left to right, but beware because there is a very deep, wide, watery ravine 30 metres short of the green that runs across this fairway from right to left and passed the left hand edge of the green (This is a no go area). There are two bunkers on this exciting hole one out to the left in rough at about 100 -120 metres short of the green, the other protecting the front left side of the green. The green is a large target to aim at from the fairway, remember to be bold and attack the pin. There is a grassy run of area almost all the way around this green should you miss it in two shots. This is a cracking but tricky short par four.(Stroke Index 17).

Hole 9 Par 5, 474 Metres,
There is a  magnificent new clubhouse set high on the hill. As I mentioned there is a wide walled water hazard that will come into play for most golfers and it runs across the hole fairway just in driving distance. The only person that can judge what strategy to use from the tee is you, the tee shot is about distance and confidence and weather to lay up short or go for the carry over the final hurdle. Once passed the hazard all that is between you and the green is a beautifully well maintained fairway. At this point its only fair to mention that both sides of this fairway are lined with many Olive tree’s and short but very thick rough, not the place to be. The best line up this hole is just right of centre this will take the massive bunker on the left just short of the green out of play. There are bunkers at the back and one long bunker that covers the whole of the right side of this green. If you have missed all of the sand around the putting surface you should be left with an easy pitch up to the pin. This magnificent three-tiered green is very long and slopes from the back edge all the way down to the front edge ,so be bold with your approach shot as it will stop very quickly if hit correctly.(Stroke Index 12).

Hole 10 Par 4, 305 Metres,
The tenth tee is just a short walk up the hill passed the right hand side of the new clubhouse. From an elevated tee you have a great view of the magnificent new clubhouse to your right and to your left you will also see the new 5* hotel. As I have said this tee is elevated and there is a gully to carry over to reach the fairway. The safe line from the tee is up the left hand side of this wide but tricky fairway as there are three well placed pot bunkers cut to the right side of the fairway. This hole plays as a dogleg left to right and uphill all the way to the green. Up the far left side of this fairway you will also find another three bunkers in the semi-rough just waiting for any shot hit to far left. There is also one enormous bunker that stretches from about 150 metres short of the green out to the right and this bunker continues all the way up to the green side, so beware this is not the line to take. Although this is the shortest hole on the golf course par at this hole is still a good score as the two tiered elevated green make landing on it and getting close to the pin quite difficult. The best place to try and land your second shot is in the middle fat part of the green as the putting surface tends to through you of the green especially if the pin is cut front right. If you find you ball on the top level of the green you will be faced with a very fast putt with many borrows. (Stroke index 16).

Hole 11 Par 5, 490 Metres,
This hole is one of my favourite holes on this golf course. From a high vantage point not only do you get a fantastic view of the course but also the surrounding countryside. Looking down towards the fairway you will soon see that its lined with many Palm trees with out of bounds both right and left. I must say that because you are so high up the fairway appears to be narrow, however it is quite wide once you walk down onto it. It will take two mighty shots to land on this putting surface. From the tee just get your ball in play any where on the fairway. The best line with your second shot is just right of centre but not too far right or you could be blocked out by trees. Its also worth going down to the water hazard that runs across the fairway at about 100 metres short of the front edge of the green, ( The water cascades down from the right side) again just short right will leave you with a good line to attack the pin from. This green is very large and two tiered the high level being from the centre of the green towards the back edge. It still takes a good shot to get close to the pin as there is a steep bank just short of the green and one very large bunker that encompasses the whole green. There is one further bunker cut into the front left side of the green in between the putting surface and the large bunker. This is a great golfing hole and will challenge even the best golfers in you party. (Stroke Index 8).

Hole 12 Par 4, 375 Metres,
This hole is classed at stroke index 18 on the score card and two good strikes of the ball should offer you a chance of a birdie or easy par. From the tee you will notice that there are palm trees and tall pampas grasses down the right side in the semi-rough, behind this is the practice ground and this is out of bounds. There are two equidistant bunkers at about 175 metres from the tee to avoid, one left the other right that can come into play from the tee. This fairway is generous with a very gentle slope down to the green in the distance. Once at your drive its all about club selection, remember the greens on this golf course are very receptive. As you approach this large unprotected green you will notice that there is about 20 metres of ground that you can’t see from further back the fairway so please make sure to take one extra club here as most golfers come up short at this hole. From the left edge and round towards the back edge there is a bank that will help any wayward shot stop very quickly. The putting surface on the green is quite smooth and flat. (Stroke Index 18).

Hole 13 Par 3, 167 Metres,
This hole is not overly long or difficult, however if the pin is cut at the back of this very long narrow green and into a breeze it takes a well hit golf shot to reach the pin. The real trouble at this hole runs along the right side of the fairway. There are tall pampas grasses and behind that there is a water hazard that runs to your far right the full length of this hole. There is one large long bunker to the left side of the putting surface. My best advice here is choose your club wisely and be positive, aim for the middle part of this green. If you should miss the green, bunker and water hazard you still have a good chance of making par with a good solid pitch from the semi-rough. (Stroke Index 10).

Hole 14 Par 4, 396 Metres,
Now for a rather exciting but tough par four uphill to this wonderful bowl shaped green. It’s driver time and the best line from the tee is straight up the middle or just left of centre. Most of the right side of this fairway which slope from right to left is covered with trees and there is also one bunker cut into the semi-rough which you don’t want to land in, (If you catch this bunker from the tee its almost impossible to carry to the putting surface in two shots). All the way up the far left side of this fairway there is out of bounds but it really shouldn’t come into play. Once at your ball its well worth going up to the green to see where the pin is and having a look back down the fairway to where your ball is, this will give you a good idea of how short or long your approach shot is. Again I have found that most players almost always come up short with the second shot and land in the deep bunker that guards the front of this green. Its well worth playing one club more to this green as its all carry onto this large bowl shaped putting surface. This green is also banked all the way around its entire circumference which will help any stray shots stop very quickly. This green, if you are not close to the pin will test your putting stroke.(Stroke Index 4).

Hole 15 Par 4, 366 Metres,
This hole plays much shorter than the last hole and you also get a good view down onto this fairway from an elevated tee. This fairway tends to be much firmer than the others so you should get a bit of chase from your drive. The best line at this hole is middle left, but not to far left or you might end up in the sandy rocky area that can be seen from the tee. To the right in the thick semi-rough there are many tree’s and a slope down towards the 14th fairway, this is not the place to be as you will be blocked out from the green for your second shots. What makes this hole stroke index 6 is the fact that the green is small and tricky to land on. The area that surrounds this green is flat but the green its self is slightly raised and its only about 6-7 paces wide but quite long. I think its best to play a good old fashioned pitch and run onto this putting surface and keep your fingers crossed that it stops. Good golf hole and par is always welcome.(Stroke Index 6).

Hole 16 Par 3, 162 Metres,
Its just a short walk down the hill to the shortest par 3 on this golf course but it still take an accurate strike of the golf ball to get close to the pin (You will see what I mean once on the tee). As you look down to the green you will notice that there is a rather wide ravine that runs from right to left and down past the green, not the place to be. There is one large bunker that guards the front right side of the green, just waiting for any blocked tee shot. The putting surface itsself is flat from the front edge to about 30 paces on then it slopes quite steeply downhill towards the back fringe. If you land on the front of this large green and the pin is cut at the back you will have to be very lucky or very skilled to make par. This is in my opinion a great par three.( Stroke Index 14).

Hole 17 Par 4, 323 Metres,
This par four is probably one of the best golfing holes on any golf course around the globe. Not only is it a visual treat to look at from the tee but a real challenge for players of all levels, this just adds to the fun. From the tee there is a beautiful natural lake that stands between you the golfer and the green. This lake is both an obstacle to over come, and a shelter and habitat for hundreds of birds that use the reeds for nesting.

The best line if you can carry the ball 260 metres is straight at the green, this will give you a fantastic chance of a birdie. For the mere mortals in life the line from the tee is out to the right of the lake with a long iron or rescue club, but don’t go too far right as there is a stream that runs out to the far right and it continues across the 18th fairway just within driving distance. This hole played in the conventional way plays as a dogleg right to left. Once at your tee shot and looking at the green you will see that there is one large bunker guarding the front right side of the green, and yes you must clear the lake to reach the putting surface. This green is large and between the front edge of the green and the lake out to the left there is a long short cut grassy bank, so between the green and the grassy bank you have a very large area to land on and avoid the dreaded splash sound of your golf ball landing in the lake. One last thing there is a bank at the back of this green but trouble lurks beyond this point so don’t be long. Yet another tremendous golfing hole at La Finca.(Stroke Index 2).

Hole 18 Par 4, 427 Metres,
This hole is one of the most demanding and challenging holes on this golf course, not only from the tee but all the way up to the green.

Standing on the tee you will see a stone walled ditch full of water and about 50 metres beyond that there is a very well placed bunker smack bang in the middle of the fairway that you will have to contend with. For the longer hitters its easier, just stand up and blast your drive over the bunker into position A1. However for mere mortals you need to decide whether to go left or right of this bunker but at the same time hit a good enough shot to carry the water hazard. Once on the fairway which is tree lined on both sides its still a long way to this raised green. The best line, if you don’t have the distance to reach this green in two is just up the left hand side this will give you an easier pitch shot onto the putting surface. For those of you that decide to go for the green in two shots watch out for the pot bunker short right and the huge bunker out again to the right pin high. There is one further bunker at the back edge of this large green just waiting on any shot that carries to long. Par at this tough hole is always a very good score.(Stroke Index 1).

All in all this golf course is a must for all levels of golfer when visiting the Costa Blanca region.
The course features include a pitching green, putting green and driving range.


Restaurant, buggy hire, New clubhouse October 2011, changing rooms, showers, Pro shop and tuition.

Our rating 5 out of 5.

This 18 hole review was written by Steven Franchi,12th December 2010.

GOLF COURSE UPDATE Steven played La Finca again in August 2015 and found that the course as always was highly maintained and said it is in fantastic condition ,really as you would expect from a championship golf course such as this.

This course is always very populare and to avoid disappointemnt we recommend you book well in advance of your planned dates.

Location: Algorfa, Alicante
18 Holes | Par 72 | 6394 metres
Published Course Price: check discounted page
Course Designer: D Jose Gancedo opened 2001

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