La Serena is only two miles from Roda and a tough test of golf for any player and handicap. Par is 72 and at just over 6168 metres off the white tees its a challenging one.
There are four par fives all over 500 metres so hit two of your best to make birdies.
Take plenty of balls when you play here as there is a lot of water!

Hole 1 Par 5, 513 Metres,
From the tee you are faced with a tough first drive ! water to the right and out of bounds to the left but the fairway is fairly generous.If you choose to go with your driver also watch out for the large bunker down the left as its in play. I recommend a 3 wood from the tee to get it in play. Having got the ball on the fairway you then have a long shot to the green with water in play down the right all the way to the green, the out of bounds is still close by on the left but there are 4 large bunkers to deter you from going left. Your second shot should be played safe down the middle right this will open up the green and only leave a short iron to the green. On arrival at the first green you discover one of the best attributes of this course, the large greens which are very well prepared and true and should reward good play with a birdie.
Hole 2 Par 4, 353 Metres,
From the tee this is a dogleg to the right, the water comes into play all the way down the right but a drive hit straight leaves only a short iron into a long thin green protected by a massive bunker on the left. Incidentally, if you look at the course planner on the scorecard you will see that 16 out of 18 holes involve water somewhere along the way. Only holes 11 and 12 are away from the agua.
Hole 3 Par 3, 182 Metres,
This is a great short hole, from the yellow tee its a 170 metre carry across the water to a good size green, fairly easy to hit with a medium to long iron, don’t go long as there is a large bunker to the back left and right. There is a bail out area to the left reducing the carry over the water but remember it is a par 3 and one you should go for.
Hole 4 Par 4, 373 Metres,
From the tee there is part of a lake in front of you and should’nt come into play. Hit your drive across the corner onto the narrow fairway or down the right side there is no trouble , this is the first hole where you encounter desert type road bunkers to your left. It is really an area of sand and gravel which appears to be a feature on some new golf courses in our region, not too difficult to play from but best if you stay clear of it. At 356 metres from the yellow tee its not long so there is no real problem in getting to the green in 2 with a medium to short iron. This green is long and quite wide to land on and will hold the ball so again offers a good birdie chance if played right.
Hole 5 Par 4, 368 Metres,
From the tee its your driver and no real problems to speak of a good drive will leave you a medium to short iron to the green. The second shot here is the tricky one, The green is well protected with bunkers left, right and back. There is a lake that comes into play down the right side so be bold and go for this large receptive green.
Hole 6 Par 4, 315 Metres,
This hole is stroke index 18, and by far the easiest hole on the course your best line from the tee is middle left, avoid the water down the right side of this wide fairway as it does come into play.This hole is a shortish hole a good drive will only leave you a very short iron to this green, just watch out for the bunker on the left which is well short of the putting surface. Yet another good birdie chance.
Hole 7 Par 5, 458 Metres,
This hole takes you back to the clubhouse and is a cracking par 5 at 442 metres from the yellow tee. A nice wide fairway with bunkers left and right at around 200 metres from the tee, even if you play into them you can recover to the fairway to reach the green in 3 shots. It takes two really good shots to catch this green in 2, so play safe with your second shot and leave a short iron over the large lake. Your approach shot over the water needs to be hit crisp and clean as there is no other way into this large slightly elevated green with a bunker at the back so don’t go long, which is always the temptation when faced with a shot in, over water. After you finish this hole there is a short walk past the clubhouse and putting green on to the 8th tee.
Hole 8 Par 4, 398 Metres,
From the tee the best line is down the middle left but watch out for the three bunkers wide left.There is also a bit of desert area on the right from the tee and then a long second shot on a wide fairway with water again on the right. The temptation to take on this green in two should only be accepted by those who are confident they can carry the water and get the ball up to the elevated green, my advice is to stay left and take three shots as this is stroke index 2.
Hole 9 Par 3, 164 Metres,
This is a cracking par 3, from the yellow tee it only plays 157 metres over the lake and bridges, its not too daunting a tee shot as the green is large and anything right is safe. This hole could be tricky in a cross wind though because the water runs down the left hand side of the fairway and round the back of the green.

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Hole 10 Par 4, 307 Metres,
This is a short par 4 requiring a straight 3 wood or long iron shot as the fairway narrows off with water to cross at about 200 metres from the tee. The very big hitters can have a go at the green if there is no wind, and get an easy birdie. There is another of those desert areas on the right but it is easy enough to play from, be careful with your second into the green as guess what ? there is a  water hazard to the front left and this protects the back of the green as well. This green is large and flat so be brave and have a go at the pin and make a birdie. The only thing to watch out for is the huge bunker short right of this green.
Hole 11 Par 5, 515 Metres,
This is a long par 5, 500 metres from the yellow tee but it has a wide open fairway. From the tee there is a long road bunker to the right side of the fairway and out of bounds to the far left. It takes two very big shots to hit this green, I recommend a driver then a three wood which will leave you a good wedge to the pin. Avoid going short or right of this large green as there is another large road bunker, also watch out for the sandy bunker back left. This is a large smooth green so go for the pin.
Hole 12 Par4, 406 Metres,
This hole is stroke index 1 and a slight dogleg left, again no water but a fair amount of palm trees and desert on the right. This is a long par 4 so hit your driver from the tee avoiding the sandy bunker left. Don’t go to far right as there is another very long road bunker which goes all the way to and round this green. This green is on a plato and is protected by a bunker short middle. For your second shot it will be a medium iron up to the green so be bold as the greens at La Serena will hold a well struck shot.
Hole 13 Par 4, 290 Metres,
From the yellow tee this green is on from the tee with a well struck driver. For the shorter hitters out there its play a fairway wood down the middle left and keep out of trouble. There is a lake which runs along the right hand edge of the fairway and comes into play with your second shot. After a good long iron or 3 wood from the tee its a nice crisp wedge or 9 iron onto this large slopping green from back to front. This is a very good birdie chance played in the correct way.
Hole 14  Par 4, 330 Metres,
Yet another great golfing hole with decisions to make from the tee. It’s not long but its a tricky one. It’s not really a driver but you can go with it if you have the urge. A nice 3 wood from the tee avoiding the bunker on the left and water to the right will give you a good line into this green. The second shot is about a medium short iron over the water and bunker and onto the putting surface.Watch out for the bunkers left, right and through the back.
Hole 15 Par 3, 195 Metres,
The 15th is the longest of the par 3s and plays all 172 metres from the yellow tee, you really need to be straight here as there is water on your right and tight out of bounds to the left. Only two bunkers at this hole one left and one right of the green. Hit the green in 1 and you will be lucky to get a birdie as the green is enormous.
Hole 16  Par 4, 334 Metres,
This is a short par 4 and has a wide fairway with water all the way down the right side,watch out for the fairway bunkers down the left side as they do come into play. Your second shot is a short shot and leaves an easy wedge or 9 iron from the right hand side of the fairway, the green is large and very receptive so yet another good birdie chance played in the correct way.
Hole 17  Par 3, 167 Metres,
This hole is the easiest par 3 on the course, its only 150 metres from the yellow tee, but you need to find the putting surface at this hole. From the tee all you see is a huge green and water there is a hidden bunker at the back to collect anything that is long but a good sized green and easy to hit.
Hole 18 Par 5, 500 Metres,
The final hole and its a great hole to finish on. From the tee its your driver and hit it as long as you can here as its a long one. The fairway is wide with only one small bunker down the right side and out of bounds down the left fairly close to the semi-rough. Being a big par 5, I wouldn’t advise trying to get on in 2 as the green not only has a stream and bunker in front of it but the fairway narrows with a lake out on the left. So good drive to finish with then a medium iron then attack the pin with a short iron to give your self a chance of a birdie. The green again is large and slops from back to front, watch out for the bunker cut into the slop at the back of this green.The course plays as you see it with many fantastic water features, palm trees and superbly designed bunkers some run more than 240 metres down the fairway so watch out. The greens are very true to putt on and soft to land on good for target golf.

All in all there are many fantastic holes on this course two that spring to mind, the 13th its just over 290 metres and for the big hitters out there the green is on but you have to carry the water or play as a dog leg. The next is the 17th par 3 167 metres, no fairway at this one just straight over the water feature and on to the green.

Restaurant, bar, Clubhouse with showers, Pro Shop, driving range, putting green and buggy hire.

Our rating 4 out of 5.

This 18 hole review was written by Steven Franchi.


GOLF COURSE UPDATE,  2015 Fortunately the sun shone and they enjoyed the course. The greens were smooth, fast and true to putt on. The fairways were in the best condition that I have seen at La Serena. One of the party said to me “how could anyone not enjoy this great golf course its not only a good challenge but its a joy to play” -Steven Franchi
(PS As 16 of the holes have water hazards please ensure you take plenty of spare golf balls)

Location: Los Alcázares , Murcia
18 Holes | Par 72 | 6168 metres
Course Designer: Manuel Pinero opened 2006.

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