La Torre is an 18 hole golf course with a par of 68, the course provides a lush green setting to this internationally reknown course.

This course is now management by IRM Golf Experience formerly Polaris World golf courses are of a different style to give the golfer the most complete golf experience in Europe.

The golf course at La Torre is a Florida style golf course, making extensive use of lakes, bunkers and lush green fairways as well as fantastic greens. This course is not too long but to get the best score from it you must use your golf course management skills all the way round.

Hole 1 Par 4, 332 Metres,
Standing on the first tee at La Torre it soon becomes apparent that sand and very large bunkers play a large part in the design of this testing golf course. The first fairway is wide open and should be quite easy to find. Both sides of this fairway are lined with a thick pampas type grass and at about 150 metres to your left there is a bunker that runs all the way up to the green and also covers the whole of the left side of the green. Your second shot is played slightly uphill to the green, but watch out if you stray to far right as there is another bunker about 50 metres short right. As with all the greens at La Torre they can be tricky to put on if you land above the hole. My best bit of advice here is to try and go for the middle of the greens.
Hole 2 Par 4, 415 Metres,
You will find the second hole the longest par four on the course at 415 metres and is stroke index 1 on your score card. Although a long hole on the scorecard, golfers can dramatically shorten the hole by playing an aggressive tee shot over the corner of the large bunker on the right. Tee shots hit into this riskier landing area will tend to kick forward, shortening the approach to the green. If you elect to play safe away from the bunker to the left side of the fairway you will have a much longer approach to this large, but very tricky green. The front right of the green is protected by a large bunker, but smart players can play away from this hazard to the steep slope to the back left of this green and watch their ball feed all the way into the middle of the green. Par will always be a good score here.
Hole 3 Par 3, 178 Metres,
Players now make their way to the first of the six par threes on the course. This medium length, hole features a three tiered green. A small, but deep pot bunker strategically sits in the middle of the entry to the green. The lowest section of the green is in the centre, while the front and left edges of the green fall off into a good pitching areas. Another bunker guards the right side of the green on this challenging short hole.
Hole 4 Par 4, 334 Metres,
This hole dog legs slightly to the right around a small lake. The fourth hole is short, but features perhaps the narrowest landing area on the course. Players can elect to lay up short into the wider portion of the fairway or they can choose to try and squeeze their drive into the narrow part of the fairway between the lake and fairway bunkers on the left. The two tiered green sits behind a large bunker to your right just over the lake and is protected on the left by another bunker. Although only a short hole, reckless players can very quickly make a large score here.
Hole 5 Par 3, 154 Metres,
Sand is everywhere on the short par three fifth hole. The green is surrounded on three sides by the large bunkers, while a deep fairway low and short of the green will make for a delicate pitch up to the green. Instead of taking a chance with the bunkers, players here may want to just play a smart shot to the centre of the green or left side , take their par, and move on quietly to the next tee.
Hole 6 Par 4, 278 Metres,
The sixth hole should prove to be an exciting little par four. This 278 metre hole is short enough to allow most players a chance to drive the green. A large bunker crosses the landing area and circles around to protect the front right of the green. Free of other bunkers, the remainder of the green complex seems innocent. This is hardly the case as you will notice the green slopes away from you into a deep fairway low on the left. Those laying up may find it difficult to keep their approach shot on the green. This greens complex features numerous other humps and hollows to challenge your short game play. This may look like an easy birdie hole on the scorecard, but many players will walk to the next tee with a disappointing par or worse.
Hole 7 Par 5, 471 Metres,
The seventh hole is the only par five on the front nine. Your best line here is to drive over the large bunker to a fairway protected on both sides by fairway bunkers. A ridge cuts across the landing area allowing those challenging the left fairway bunker to get a nice kick forward down the fairway. Those playing to the flatter right side of the fairway will probably not get the favourable kick and might not be able to reach the green in two shots. The fairway then snakes around another large bunker on the right to a green closely protected by a bunker to the front of the green. Aggressive play here could be rewarded with a birdie or easy par.
Hole 8 Par 4, 347 Metres,
This hole features a tee shot over the small lake to a fairway protected on both sides by fairway bunkers. And at stroke index 3 on your score card is no push over.Golfers playing along the bunker on the left will be rewarded with a more open angle to the green. Those playing from the right side of the fairway will have to contend with the deep green side bunker on the right. Three putts are a real possibility here on this difficult three tiered green.
Hole 9 Par 3, 180 Metres,
Players finish the front nine playing back towards the clubhouse on this tough ninth hole. This 180 metre hole plays over the lake to a very shallow green. This small target requires you to hit your most precise shot of the day. For those wishing to avoid the lake there is a small landing area to the left of the green. This narrow green is subtlety contoured allowing players a better chance at making a long putt.
Hole 10 Par 4, 401 Metres,
The back nine begins with a long par four at 401metres, and is stroke index 4 on your score card. This hole gently dog legs to the right around another large bunker. Those carrying the ridge in the landing area can pick up some additional yardage with a kick forward into a large landing area. While the danger at this green appears to be the large bunker on the right, you will actually find the more difficult up and down to be from the low left of the green. Because of this, you could find this par four to be more than a little tricky.
Hole 11 Par 3, 201 Metres,
The eleventh hole is the longest and probably most difficult par three on the course. Playing its full length of 201 metres, this long par three requires a full carry over the large lake to the green. For those less bold, there is a landing area out to your left, which will make getting your par here very difficult. The green is large and features two levels, which means the challenge of this hole does not end until the ball is finally in the hole.
Hole 12 Par 5, 446 Metres,
The twelfth hole is the only par five on the back nine and plays to a very reachable 446 metres. Your tee shot is played over a lake to the fairway protected on both sides with bunkers. Those playing along the fairway bunker on the left will be rewarded with a strong kick forward making the green easily reachable in two shots. The green sits in a saddle with the back portion strongly breaking off onto the fairway below. The front of the green is protected again by a bunker. A high, soft shot will be required to hold this green, but for golfers up to the task, an eagle could be your reward.
Hole 13 Par 4, 336 Metres,
This thirteenth hole doglegs to the left around a large bunker. Another fairway bunker sits right of the landing area protecting the preferred line of attack to this green. Sand moves back in front of this strongly contoured two tiered green. The back of this green breaks off and down the slop to the fairway below and could make for a tough recovery to make par.
Hole 14 Par 4, 340 Metres,
This fourteenth hole features three different options on your tee shot. You can lay up short of the bunkers on the right and leave a longer approach to the green or you can try to squeeze your shot between the bunkers and the large bunker on the left for a shorter approach. The longer hitters can try to carry the bunkers on the right onto the wide part of the fairway. Regardless which option you select, this difficult green will present a challenge for any approach shot. The front of this green features a steep slope that will pull short approach shots backward down the fairway. Additionally, the front section of the green runs away from the player into the fairway below, while the upper left section is guarded by a very deep bunker. This hole should be an interesting test for all players and is stroke index 2 on your score card.
Hole 15 Par 3, 165 Metres,
This 165 metre par three fifteenth hole sits naturally alongside a large, deep bunker. The right half of this two tiered green is protected by a bunker while the left half is open for a pitch and run shot up to the pin. Another deep bunker protects the left portion of the green while another bunker in the back right will swallow up shots that are too long. Putting will be made easier by placing your tee shot on the correct level. This par three features a little more room for error and should allow you a nice chance to pick up a shot.
Hole 16 Par 4, 302 Metres,
This sixteenth hole dog legs sharply around the large lake and offers you an exciting risk reward opportunity. You can dramatically reduce the length of this par four by cutting the corner over the edge of the lake. Although very risky, the successful shot will leave you just a short pitch to this tricky little two tiered green. Those laying up onto the wider part of the fairway will be faced with a difficult shot to a green that breaks off the back onto the fairway below and is protected on the right by a deep bunker. Regardless of the outcome, this hole is sure to be the subject of numerous stories of both glory and disaster at the nineteenth hole.
Hole 17 Par 3, 177 Metres,
The final par three at La Torre measures 177 metres and plays alongside the large lake. A bunker guards the front of the green but could also save your shot from bouncing into the lake. The front left of the green is very shallow and numerous shots could easily find their way into the deep back bunker. The right side of this green is guarded by the lake while the back of the green falls off down the slop . Par will always be a good score on this beautiful, yet dangerous hole.
Hole 18 Par 4, 346 Metres,
From the tee your best line is down the left side of this fairway as you will have a better angle to attack this very large green. Down the full length of the ride side you have sand from tee to green so not the place to be. The green sits on a peninsula surrounded on three sides with sand. While the hole is not long, precise shot making will be the key to finishing the round strong and making par.

The 5 star clubhouse has a fully stocked golf shop a driving range and practice green adjacent as well as a 5 star restaurant.The course is built to international championship standards. The technology used providing a constant water supply to maintain the pristine condition of the fairways and greens year round. Nicklaus design claim that it is equal to if not surpassing anything in Spain in both quality and design.

Our rating 5 out of 5.

This 18 hole review was written by Steven Franchi.

Golf course update: Steven played this golf course many times and found that the whole course from tee to green was in fantastic condition as you would expect from a Nicklaus golf course.

Location: Roldan, Murcia
18 Holes | Par 68 | 5403 metres
Course Designer: Jack Nicklaus opened 2006

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