Las Colinas Golf and Country Club opened in June 2010.

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This golf course close to Alicante extends across the valley between the hills and was designed by Troon Golf, it adapts to the unusual lie of the land and blends naturally into the landscape. The width of its fairways, the design of its extensive undulating greens, and the numerous tees at each hole give it great versatility and mean that it is suitable for professional competitions, while also offering any player a pleasant, enjoyable and affordable game.

Las Colinas has won in 2015 and 2016 the best golf course in Spain.


18 Hole course review Las Colinas , written by Steven Franchi – Golf4uAlicante.

Hole 1 Par 4, 392 Metres
Hole 1 at Las Colinas is quite a tough opening hole at stroke index two on your score card, why don’t you hit a few practice shots on the range as every player receives a complimentary pyramid of balls, and the range is close to the 1st tee, so there is every opportunity for the player to hit a few practice shots on the range.Once on the tee you will see that this hole plays as a slight dogleg to the left, this tee shot is more about landing on the fairway rather than distance as down your right side you have out of bounds and at the corner of the dogleg there is also a deep bunker in the semi-rough out to the right side of the fairway (You need to avoid this one if you are going to make the green in two shots).
Down the left there is also a bunker cut into the semi-rough well within driving distance, the ideal shot from this tee is straight down the middle, this will also give you a clear second shot up to the green. Once at the corner of the dogleg you are faced with a very challenging second shot, its a must that you land the ball on the putting surface as there are many deep bunkers surrounding this green.This green lies at an angle to you from the fairway and slopes from back left to front right, however all the greens at this great new golf course are fast and very true to put on so this should help with your scoring.
Hole 2 Par 4, 405 Metres,
Yes another tough hole at stroke index 8 on the score card, its a must to find the fairway with your tee shot as although the rough is short its very hard to hit a medium long iron out of because it grabs the club head on your follow through. This hole plays uphill to quite a large green protected by many bunkers to the right, (One thing I must say about all the bunkers on this wonderful golf course is that they are full of lovely soft sand which makes it easer to come out them). This fairway is banked at both sides with two well placed bunkers out in the semi-rough to the right, its important to miss them if you want to make par at this hole as its quite a long second shot up to the green. If playing this course for the first time I would kindly remind youto consult the excellent complimentary course guide that you receive from the caddy masters to learn more about this green – and even more info is available about the greens from the pin sheet provided. Par at this hole is always welcome.
Hole 3 Par 5, 510 Metres,
This is a great golfing hole and its all about course management if you want to make par or better at this long par five, this is a good test even for the pros. The fairway is very wide on this hole but there are bunkers to your right and left that can come into play from the tee depending on which way the wind is blowing if any. So open your shoulders and go for a big drive at this one to get you off to a good start.
Once down at your drive you will find that the fairway starts to narrow and there are a few slopes and undulation on this fairway.
Now the fun begins, to the right there is a large lake about 150 metres from the green and to the left, yes you guessed there is another lake at about 90 metres short of the green (This lake goes all the way to the left edge of the green and round the whole of the left side). My advice for what its worth is to play your favourite fairway wood or long iron and keep the ball on dry land down the right side as this will open up the green for your third shot. This green is flat,very wide but quite narrow as you look at it, however a well hit third shot will stop very quickly on this green as its very receptive. At the back of this green you will find two bunkers dug into the bank and one more well out to the right. Again a par is always a welcome score at this one.
Hole 4 Par 4, 309 Metres,
Now for a slightly easier hole and at stroke index 16 it should be. This fairway again is more than generous and plays uphill to the green, there are bunkers about 50 metres short of the green both left and right which will come into play with a wayward tee shot. At this point its well worth going up to the green to see where the pin is positioned as if its cut front left it will be very difficult to get close to, you will see when you get there.
There are three bunkers round this green one way way left, one right side and one massive one on the bank to the back of the green.
This green is quite narrow to the left side and from the middle to the right side its very wide ( My top tip of the day is to play for the middle of this green and take two puts to make an easy par). If the pin is cut to the left side it take a very good shot to get close to it and if you should come up just short the ball will run down a very steep slope and leave you with a very tricky shot up the slope to the green.
Hole 5 Par 3, 173 Metres,
This long par three is all about club selection and holding your nerve as it can be quite tricky.
From an elevated tee looking at the green you will see that there is one huge bunker about 20 metres short of the green dug into the bank, this makes the entrance to the green seem much narrower than it is. There are also two pot bunkers to the back left side which will catch anything hit too long. To the left from the tee,there is a large water hazard which covers the left side of this tricky green. The green is large but there is a bank that runs through the middle of it, almost two tiered and if the pin is cut to the back left can make life very difficult to get close to the pin with your tee shot unless you hit your Sunday best.
This hole is stroke index 4 and par is always a very good score at this super par three.
Hole 6 Par 4, 326 Metres,
This par four is a testing short one up hill but can be made easier by hitting the fairway with your drive (accuracy is the key to this hole).
The fairway is narrow and gets even narrower at about 100 metres short of the green. Just in driving distance there is one bunker in the semi-rough to the left and another to the right, if you miss both bunkers here but are in the semi-rough you will find it very difficult to hit the green with your second shot as the rough is very tough. This green is about 30 metres long and narrow as you look at it and yes there are many bunkers waiting to catch any stray shots. Two good shots at this hole will reward you with a par but a bad tee shot could cost you many shots.
Hole 7 Par 3, 108 Metres,
Now for supposedly the easiest hole on the golf course and at stroke index 18 should be but with a wayward tee shot you could rack up a large score at this one.
Standing high on the tee surrounded by many trees you look down at this very large green. The only decision you have here is wether to hit a full sand iron or a controlled punch with a wedge through the gap in the trees and onto the green. This green slopes from left to right and drops of towards the back edge where there is a safe area should you hit your tee shot too far. However if you miss the putting surface at this hole there is danger in the way of many trees all the way round this green. A well controlled tee shot should be rewarded with a good birdie chance or easy par.
Hole 8 Par 4, 341 Metres,
Hole eight is played from an offset tee high up the hill and this gives you a great view of the full hole.This fairway is kind of U shaped because its banked at both sides of the fairway. At about 100 metres short of the green you have three bunkers cut into the bank on the left and one very large one cut to the right. You just need a well placed tee shot at this par four to leave an open shot to the green. Just past the fairway bunkers the fairway starts to narrow and this green although quite large lies at an angel to you so your second shot can be tricky and calls for a well struck shot to get close to the pin.
To the front edge right there are two well placed bunkers and as you climb the two tiered green there is also one large bunker to the back of the green. There is a run of area to the back right of this green but if you find your self down there it will take a very good pitch to make par on this hole, which is stroke index 6.
Hole 9 Par 4, 323 Metres,
This hole heads back to the club house and is the first hole at Las Colinas to have a more than generous fairway to aim at, so open your shoulders and go for a big straight drive from an elevated tee.
This hole is uphill and the fairway slopes from right to left and at about 100 metres from the green there are two bunkers on your left to avoid and out to your right there are three more bunkers cut into the hill side also try and avoid if you want to make par. The ideal line with your tee shot here is up the middle or just left of centre, this will give you a good line into the pin.
Before you play your second shot here if you check out your course guide you will be able to see that there is a large dip just short of this green which makes your second shot look quite short (I would suggest to play one more club than you think it is because its all carry to the putting surface).
This green is large and open however there are two bunkers to the front left and two more to the right, the green its self slopes from back to front and two good shots should be rewarded with an easy par.
Hole 10 Par 3, 163 Metres,
As always at any par three it is very important to choose the correct club to give yourself the best chance of landing close to the hole on the day you play.
There are many trees up both sides of the fairway and all the way around the green, so a nice straight shot is required at this testing par three.
The green is long and wide with only a couple of bunkers left and right side, should you come up short of this green it will leave you a nice pitch and run up to the hole and a chance to make par. If you spray your tee shot wide left or right you could rack up a big score at this short hole.
Hole 11 Par 5, 566 Metres,
Now for a fantastic and very long par five which is also the toughest hole on the course at stroke index one.
Looking down this fairway you will see that for the first part it is wide open and banked down the right side of the fairway, it also plays as a very long dogleg to your right, also take care to avoid the three bunkers built into a slope down the left side.
The ideal tee shot at this hole is down the middle or just right of centre, this will set you up nicely for positional play with your second shot.
At about 230 metres from the tee the fairway starts to slope downhill and snakes its way through a series of bunkers that line both sides of this narrowing fairway. If you have a buggy as well as referring to your complimenatry course guide perhaps go down this fairway to have a look to see where is your best and safest landing area, (It should be a nice conservative shot just left of centre).
If you find the fairway with your second shot you should only be left with a medium short iron onto a large green that slopes from back to front, thus enabling you to attack the pin with the third shot.
There are two bunkers far right side of this green which shouldn’t come into play unless you hit a bad shot, one last thing about this great golf hole don’t be short with your third as there is a bank of about 25 metres up to the putting surface and if you do come up short the ball will run back down the slope.
Hole 12 Par 4, 333 Metres,
Now for a good birdie chance, this hole plays uphill and is a slight dogleg from right to left with a generous fairway in front of you.
The left side of this fairway is banked and should kick the ball back onto the fairway, the left side is also lined with tree’s. Up the right side of this fairway there are two bunker that can come into play if you leek the ball right. As you approach this green the fairway starts to climb quite steeply to a plateau green which is guarded by one bunker front right, one back right and on to the left.
So a nice tee shot down the middle of the fairway should give you a good look at the pin, just make sure you hit the putting surface with your second shot as anything short will roll back down the hill just short of this green.
Hole 13 Par 4, 358 Metres,
This hole also plays as a slight dogleg but from left to right this time. At the apex of this dogleg about 150 to 100 metres from the green there are bunkers cut into both sides of the semi-rough, you need to avoid these if you are to make par at this hole.
The line once again is straight down the middle unless you decide to go for a big drive over the single bunker over to the right, this bunker is about 100 metres short of the green and if you carry it it will leave you a very short lob wedge up the hill and onto the putting surface. The one place you don’t want to go here with your second shot is left as there is one enormous bunker that starts about 30 metres short of the green and continues all the way past the left side and round to the back edge. The bail out area is out to the right edge of the green.
The green its self has a tricky slope that runs from the middle of the green down towards the bunker on the left. Two good shots here should see an easy par.
Hole 14 Par 3, 163 Metres,
This is in my opinion is quite simply a great par three worthy on any golf course anywhere in the world.
It measures the same distance as hole ten but can play at least one or two clubs more in length if the pin is cut to the back of the green.
When you visit this course and are on this hole take a look at the BLACK tee that the pros play from, it may only measure 170 metres but what a good strike of the ball it takes to get close to the pin when cut to the back left side just tucked in behind the pot bunker.
As you look at this hole yes you will see a huge lake out to the left of the green and in between the green and the water hazard there is a large pot bunker cut into the slope, there is also an enormous bunker cut into the bank on the right.
At about 20 metres short of the front edge of this green you will also see a small water fall out to the right that flows right across the front edge and spills into the lake on the left.So if you have a shot here and want to avoid the water play short and then pitch up to the pin. But I am sure as a first time playing this great course you will want to have a go at the green.
The front of this green is very wide and flat however it starts to climb towards the back edge and also narrows. Par at this hole which is stroke index 11 is always welcome.
Hole 15 Par 5, 524 Metres,
This hole is another super golfing hole and not worth taking the risk to try and reach in two shots unless there is a very strong wind behind you on the day you play the course.
The fairway is more than generous and up to the right there is a bank that runs the full length of this fairway, there is also a small bank to you left with bunkers cut into the semi-rough both sides of the fairway. I’d like to say once again that although the rough is short on this golf course it is very hard to hit any long iron or wood out of as it tends to grab the club head, so please try and avoid.
The best line of attack at this long par five is to try and keep your ball in play all the way down the fairway, this will give you a good chance of making par.
At about 150 to 50 metre markers you will find more bunkers cut into the semi-rough on the left, again try and avoid.
This fairway as you get closer to the green has many undulations and still slopes from right to left. A well placed second shot out to the right side of this fairway will open up the green and give you a good line of attack and take the water out of play.
Yes there is a very large lake which runs up the left side of the fairway and covers the middle front of the green and runs all the way round the left side and round to the back of the green. One last thing there is also one massive bunker way out to the right side of the green waiting to catch any miss hit shots. Par here is a super score and this hole plays as stroke index 5.
Hole 16 Par 4, 365 Metres,
This is yet another hole I think is a super golfing challenge, the reason will become clear once you play this wonderful golf course.
Standing high on an elevated tee looking down onto the fairway you will soon see this hole plays as a dogleg right to left. Down the left side of the fairway is a large water hazard to avoid it stretches about two thirds of the length of this hole, in my opinion its not worth the risk to try and clear this from the tee as even if you do you will still be in thick semi-rough.
Back to the tee shot, the best line here is smack bang down the middle with a nice draw, as out to the right even though there is plenty room there is a series of bunker which will come into play if to far right and make it impossible to hit the green in two.
As you get to the bend in the dogleg the fairway starts to slope downwards with many different undulations and also starts to get quite narrow.
Most golfers will be on a nice flat lie for there second shots into this green which sites above the fairway. However this green is very wide and also protected by one bunker cut front left and a series of bunkers out to the right.
Even if you hit the green with two well struck shots you will still have to negotiate the tricky putting surface. This green is very wide but quite narrow in depth and both left and right side sites much higher than the middle part of the green which dips steeply from both sides.Played well this is an easy par four but fraught with danger.
Hole 17 Par 3, 199 Metres,
This par three has no water but is a very tough one and any golfer getting a par here should be rewarded with a drink from their playing partners, (This hole is stroke index 3 on the score card).
Standing high on the tee you get a good view of the green and the many bunkers around it, the safe line is short right as the green lies at an angel to you from the tee. Its long from front right to back left but quite narrow across at any given point. For the brave hearted if the pin is cut to the back left of the green its a carry of about 220 yards over the bunkers, the good news is if you go too long there is a bail out area back left which leaves a pitch back to the pin. For those who play safe at this hole watch out for the bunkers well right of the green.Par at this hole is always a super score.
Hole 18 Par 5, 475 Metres,
Now for the final hole which again in my opinion is a cracking golf hole to all players of all levels, its almost saying to you the golfer go on give it a go and get an easy birdie or even better an eagle to finish with ( Don’t be fooled by this as it still takes two great shots to get close the the pin on this green.
From the tee you will see that both side of this wide fairway are lined with trees, this fairway is banked on the left side where there are bunkers waiting for any hooked tee shots and slopes to the right where you will find one more bunker that should not come into play from the tee.
At about 200 metres from the green the fairway turns very slightly to the right and then back into the green, there are also many sweeping undulation as you get closer to this green.At about 100 metres short of the green on your right you will clearly see a rather large water hazard and any shot that lands short will land on the steep slope and could run back down and into the water.
The best plan of action on this medium length par five is to hit a nice drive and find the fairway, with your second shot steer it up the left side of the fairway avoiding the series of bunkers cut into the left hand semi-rough. The 18th green is large and wide and if coming in from the left side should leave you with a nice short iron onto the putting surface.For the longer hitter of the ball this hole can be reduced to a good drive and a 6 iron depending on which way the breeze is blowing, but watch out for the series of bunker just of the back fringe of the green.This hole plays as stroke index 13 on your score card.

All of this, in our pleasant and tranquil surroundings will surely mean that your best golf can be discovered here at Las Colinas. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

The par-71 course is designed by Cabell B. Robinson who is well renowned in the golf industry for designs such as La Reserva in Sotogrande, Praia d’El Rey in Portugal and La Finca de Cortesin on the Costa del Sol, which was the venue for the Volvo Matchplay event in 2009. When he sat down to plan the 6,377 meter course layout, a major factor in this mind was blending the course with
the indigenous Mediterranean surrounding to “make it look like an integrated part of the existing landscape”. The end result is golf course that runs along the valley with towering hills to act as a place of isolation and intimacy. This is something which is not possible at a lot of Spanish courses. Mr. Robinson explained he wanted to “use the rich Mediterranean vegatation surrounding the course, [to give] the development a beauty intrinsic to the spot that we have tried to preserve. Thus,
the plants that were added to adorn the course are indigenous, because the goal of the design was to make it look like and integrated part of the existing landscape.”
This is in stark contrast with the arid plains that are common place in Alicante interior landscape. The championship course is set amdist orange and lemon groves, giving a beautifully traditional sense to playing golf here.
The more elite golfer can take on a challenge of the 6337 meters from the back tees, but with five different tee platforms on each hole, golfers of all skill levels will enjoy their game here. The large greens are fast, undulating and sometimes intimidating, but unlike many new courses, Las Colinas can boast true putting surfaces, that are kept to impeccable standard.

Information:-All golfers are requested to arrive 30 mintues before their tee time.
Full locker facilities are available ,the Golf Shop has a wide variety of golf wear and accessories.
They offer complimentary use of the Practice Facility,including a pyramid of balls, 30 minutes prior to your tee time.

The course features include a putting green and driving range.

Restaurant, buggy hire, clubhouse, changing rooms, showers, club hire, pro shop, tuition.

The UNIK bar offers a wide range of delicious snacks and meals and has fabulous view overlooking the golf course- simply sit down on a sunny day, press the buzzer on the table and your waiter arrives to serve you- great idea !

Our rating 5 out of 5.

This 18 hole review was written by Steven Franchi.

Las Colinas is proving one of the most popular golf courses in this area and whilst a little more expensive than others is well worth a game. Steven plays here with clients and golfing friends  in January, March and May 2015 and even after hollow tining a week later the golf course is back to its excellent condition.

Location: Orihuela Costa, Alicante
18 Holes | Par 71 | 6,377 metres
Course Designer :  Cabell B. Robinson

*Published and discounted fees depending on party size.